Brand Highlight: KicKee Pants

Brand Highlight: KicKee Pants

KicKee Pants started when founder, Aerin Nicole, was pregnant with her second child. The goal to create a clothing line that celebrated the most fundamental nature of our children—their innocence—motivated Aerin to launch the children's brand that is now widely known as KicKee Pants.

KicKee Pants' fashion forward designs made out of materials that are pleasing to parents has made their children's clothing a household name. From soft swaddling blankets to cozy pajama sets in trendy styles, KicKee Pants consistently delivers products that customers absolutely love.

From season to season we love seeing what KicKee Pants delivers. Whether you're shopping for your little one or looking for something special for a new mommy-to-be KicKee Pants always has something adorable to offer.

Check out some of the products we absolutely love from KicKee Pants this season.


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