Hazel Village Animals

Hazel Village Animals

Deep in a leafy grove, the clever animals of Hazel Village live in their neat little houses, happy and free. They keep their perky ears attuned to the sounds of their forest home, and use their wits to do helpful and kind projects for their neighbors.” - Hazel Village

Hazel Village Dolls would make a perfect gift for the little ones this holiday season. Each animal is handmade from organic cotton, and ready to become a lifelong friend.


The founder, Jane, created Hazel Village in 2010 when she began crafting toys that she would have wanted as a child. Every animal is perfectly made to ensure that each animal has their own identity and lively spirit! These real organic cotton woodland creatures have specialty-made clothing that all of the Hazel Village friends can share.



“The company and the animals have the same core values: we are resourceful, clever, jolly, diligent, and gentle” - Hazel Village



Both the company and the fun dolls have the same core values: resourceful, clever, jolly, diligent, and gentle. Hazel Village hopes that their animals empower kids to play at their absolute best and imagine everything they need to make their dream worlds become real.



Each Hazel Village animal has their own unique story, appearance and identity. Get yours today!