Meaningful Advice for New Parents

Meaningful Advice for New Parents

A compiled list of advice for new parents or parents-to-be.

We know how terrifyingly beautiful bringing a new life into this world can be. Adding a member to your growing family is a special act and will bring forth some of the greatest memories of your life. Although this time will be some of the greatest moments of your lives, there will also be some days that pose some serious challenges and here at Bellaboo, we want to be there for YOU! To make your lives even BETTER, we have a full blog featuring our favorite newborn and maternity products that we think you'll love! Read the blog here.


We have compiled some of our favorite pieces of advice to hopefully ease some of that new-parent stress you may or may not be experiencing. 


Sometimes you won’t love every moment of parenting and that’s OKAY.

Cradling a sleeping baby in your arms in precious but having them screaming at 2 am might not be! Take the good with the bad and accept that not every moment will be as blissful as you had imagined. 


You’re not going to know EVERYTHING all of the time.

Even after countless baby books, or extensive planning, you still won’t know the answer to everything. Don’t be too hard on yourself, this is new for all of you! Do your research, try your best, and ask for help if needed!


Take care of YOURSELF too.

Having a newborn is overwhelming in every sense of the word and that’s why all of the new parents out there must make sure they are taking care of themselves too! Take that quick nap while the little one is sleeping or take a much-needed bath while your partner takes over. The only way to be the best parent is if you are your best SELF first. Parents, take care of one another, it's going to be a long journey.


It’s OKAY to ask for help.

We can’t be supermom or superdad 100% of the time. Try your best and don’t be afraid to ask for help. You not knowing something does not reflect on you as a parent and no question is a stupid question. 


A bad day doesn’t mean you’re a bad PARENT.

We all have bad days, that’s just life! Even the worst days only have 24 hours in it. Tomorrow is a new day. 


Parenting is NOT a competition.

Raise your family the way that is perfect for YOUR family. Do not compare your lifestyle to others and do not put yourself down if you don't do everything right. 


Your body will change but you are still BEAUTIFUL.

You just did the most challenging and beautiful act that a person can do. It’s okay if your stomach does not quite look the same. You brought a life into this world! You are a woman, and you are beautiful.


There’s no RIGHT way to parent.

There’s no rulebook for parents to follow. Try your absolute best, provide as much love as you possibly can, and accept that things won’t always be perfect.


Don’t be too hard on yourselves, parents. Parenting is a beautiful, terrifying, act of selflessness. Here at Bellaboo, we want to provide you with the highest quality products to make your journey just a little bit easier, and more colorful! xoxo