Modern Eco-Friendly Handmade Toys

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Modern Eco-Friendly Handmade Toys

"A blabla friend is a friend for life"


Our Blabla collection is charming, eco-friendly and truly magical for children. Each and every toy is handmade and provides friendship to your little ones.


Irresistibly Cuddly

Their dolls are produced from the absolute highest quality hand-picked cotton which makes each doll incredibly soft and huggable.


Handmade & Natural

Skilled artisans knit each doll patiently and with one stitch at a time, with each doll having its own unique character. Blabla products are environmentally-friendly and made by hand from 100% natural fibers.


Fair & Safe

Blabla believes in fair trade practices as well as sustainability. Their team works with artisans for many years and have had the joy of watching their families grow and blossom. Each of their dolls as also been tested to meet the US and European safety requirements and is certified safe and non-toxic.


Authentic & Timeless

Florence Wetterwald first created the blablas in 2001 and the unique characters have been featured in countless movies and magazines.


Forever Cherished

A blabla is a friend for life. Your children will not just have a doll but have a friend that will be cherished forever.



"Our mission is to delight and inspire children by creating artful earth friendly soft toys"