Springtime Fun from Bellaboo

Springtime Fun from Bellaboo

A compiled list of fun family activities to take part in this Spring!

There's nothing more that we love at Bellaboo than beautiful weather to be enjoyed with the entire family. We absolutely cannot wait for it to be SPRING! In preparation for this glorious time of the year, take a look at our list of activities that you might want to take part in! Don't forget to get spring-ready by shopping with Bellaboo!

Hiking + Picnic

After spending many winter days inside, it will be a wonderful change-of-pace to stretch your legs and walk around. Hiking is a great way to explore nature and enjoy the nice weather. Tucquan Glen is a great hiking spot in Lancaster that has a variety of hiking trails and beautiful scenery. There's also a pleasant swimming hole at the end of the hike for when the days get a little hotter. 


Pine View Dairy

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Pine View Dairy you NEED to visit! This dairy is a great local place in Lancaster County to get some homemade dairy products. Pine View Dairy has been a working farm since 1971 and now is a fully-fledged experience for your family. A visit to Pine View Dairy means that you get to see the process of how your milk got from the cow to your home.


Bike Rides

If you take a step back and look, you will see that Lancaster City is a wonderful place filled with vibrant culture. During the warmer months, there is a slew of things to enjoy around town. If you want to take some time out and hit the town with your family, consider a bike ride! Zagster recently posted some bike stations around the city and with newly drawn bike lanes it makes it easier to navigate the city!


Sidewalk Art

An inexpensive way to have fun in the warmer months is to buy a pack of chalk and draw on the sidewalk! Letting your young ones express themselves and display their work for everyone to see is a great way to promote creativity.



Growing a family garden together can be challenging but a fun family bonding activity! Get the kids together and decide whether you want to plant vegetables or flowers and get to planting! You can also make some nice gardening accessories by painting rocks and placing them around your garden.


Any of these fun activities would be perfect for your family to enjoy. Be sure to stop by our boutique to pick up some adorable outfits or even shop online! Look your best while having a blast! Happy Spring from your friends at Bellaboo!