Summer Activities For Kids

Summer Activities For Kids

Summertime with little ones running around can be tough. Trying to think of activities every day is never an easy task. Here a few ideas for fun activities that you can do with the kids this summer!

Cooking or Baking

There isn't a better time than summer to try out those yummy recipes you've been saving on Pinterest all year! Make your own trail mix using sweet and savory ingredients. Or make kid-friendly frozen banana pops for a healthy summer snack.


Arts & Crafts

If it's a rainy day or it's too hot to play outside, arts & crafts inside are a great way to spend the day. Use paint and your fingers to create magnificent pineapples or make your own dream catchers using paper plates and accessories!


Water Games 

During the hot summer days, there is no better way to have fun and cool off than by playing some fun water games! Fill balloons with water and do a water balloon toss or play water balloon baseball. Grab some tarp from the store and make your own slip n' slide by adding water and soap!


Visit The Park

Explore a local park on a bright and sunny day! Bring bikes or scooters for the kids ride around on the park trail. Pack a picnic and spend the afternoon laying on the grass and enjoying the outdoors!


Sidewalk Games

You don't need to venture far to have some fun this summer! Break out the chalk and draw up some games like hopscotch or draw in some courts for games like tennis! The fun won't end with all the possibilities you have with a sidewalk and chalk.


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